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In collaboration with Design & Manufacturing
Brian Simpson, Creative Director
Ryan Padgett, Immersive Media Lead
Redhawk Lucas & Tally Beskrowni, Fabrication & Install
Ryan Padgett & Mark Scofield, 2D Animation

Lighting Designer & Projection Lead

Marriott R&D Facilities, Bethesda, MD, 2017


Marriott needed a way to transform their brand promise of delivering premier vacation experiences into an interactive showcase for an executive audience. We designed a full-scale experience that outlined complex interactions between guests, agents, and internal systems, showcasing a digital product that demonstrated Marriott’s passion for the art of hospitality.


Three black-box rooms were built and outfitted with furniture to simulate different experiences that guests may have at a hotel - a front desk lobby, a guest room, and a pool deck. In each of these rooms, we highlighted features of the app with pseudo-holographic projections on the front face. We shot multiple personas on green screen and composited them into the scene at lifesize-scale to bring these stories to life.


A show control system was developed enabling presenters to easily run the experience from an iPad. Two presentation modes were programmed: a standalone mode for running the experience without a presenter, and a presentation mode which allowed pausing for questions and commentary.


The activation was built in Marriott’s R&D facilities at their Bethesda, MD world headquarters. It was active for 6 weeks and held tours daily.

A Story of Hospitality: Marriott Showcase

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