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In collaboration with Design & Manufacturing, Accenture, and Whitlock
Ryan Padgett, Immersive Media Lead
Jenny Kroening, Project / Account Manager
Asha Kuchyt, Spatial Designer
Scott Starr, Fabrication / Engineering Lead
Tony Llongueras & Justin Harvey, AR Development
Matt Herald & Sarah Thomas & Nathan Walker, Visual Design
Caegan Meagher & John Robson, 3D Animation
Ryan Padgett & Ryan Gallet & Preston Brown, 2D Animation

Creative Technology Lead

Salesforce Tower, San Francisco, CA, 2018


Transforming space into a platform for inspiration, the San Francisco Innovation Showcase captures Accenture’s spirit of innovation and translates it into a hands-on experience. Leveraging immersive media enriched by new and emerging technologies, the showcase delivers the ability to build richer relationships, tell incredible stories, and inspire visitors through the heart of a space.


A space for teammates, clients, and partners to focus their imaginations on the potential of the future, the client showcase brings innovation to the forefront of Accenture’s new office by making technology, and it’s real-world impact, tangible for visitors. Designed as a dynamic platform for storytelling, the environment – and technologies used – offer flexibility in creating unique experiences tailored to the audience or event being hosted.

Accenture: Salesforce Tower Showcase

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