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S. Katy Tucker, Projection & Scenic Designer
Joel Ivany, Director
Topher Mokrzewski, Conductor
Austin McCormick, Choreographer
JAX Messenger, Lighting Designer
Zane Pihlstrom, Costume Designer

Assistant Projection Designer & Programmer

Opera Columbus, Columbus, OH, 2018

Against the Grain Theatre, Toronto, ON, 2018

The Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Banff, AB, 2018

Edmonton Opera, Edmonton, AB, 2023

Opera Columbus, Toronto’s Against the Grain Theatre, and NYC’s Company XIV collaborated to explore this gripping and timeless love story through the lens of today’s technology. While staying true to the original score and honoring the traditions of Baroque opera, this full production pushed the boundaries of operatic presentation through digital sound augmentation, captivating choreography, video projections, and aerial artistry.

​Orphée⁺ won the award for Outstanding Production at the 2018 Dora Awards.


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